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Mr. Biju Augustine joined PromptTech as Chief Technology Officer.

Mr. Augustine will lead the R&D division at our newly established global innovation office in the USA.

Mr. Biju Augustine has joined PromptTech as the Chief Technology Officer and Director of Global Innovation. His appointment marks a significant milestone in PromptTech’s journey, further solidifying our position as a global expert in innovative technological solutions. With over 30 years of experience in senior software roles, Mr. Augustine brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to PromptTech. In his new capacity, he will lead the Research and Development (R&D) division at PromptTech’s newly established global innovation office in the USA.
PromptTech has long been at the forefront of driving advancements in the technology industry, and Mr. Biju Augustine’s addition to the team reinforces our commitment to staying ahead of the curve.
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Independence Day celebration at PromptTech

Upholding the essence of unity and freedom.

On August 15th, India commemorates its Independence Day and it serves as a reminder to embrace the values of freedom, courage, and patriotism. At PromptTech, our team enthusiastically celebrated Independence Day, upholding the essence of unity and freedom.

Our team came dressed in traditional attire, beautifully representing the tricolor of our flag. This visual spectacle was a powerful symbol of patriotism. The workplace brimmed with devotion and nationalism as everyone united to sing the national anthem.

The office was adorned with mini flags everywhere, and the team enjoyed delicious treats that added to the joy of being together on such a special occasion. The festivities concluded with an interactive and thrilling quiz competition that covered key events in our country’s struggle for independence, its history, and rich culture.

Onam 2023- A riveting
celebration at PromptTech.

A day filled with thrilling events and shared joy!

Onam is a cultural festival in Kerala celebrated to honor the spirit of unity, prosperity, and blessings. Filled with abundant joy and thrilling events, at PromptTech, we celebrated Onam in all its glory at our global delivery division in India and the Middle East sector. Our team came decked up in traditional ensembles of ethnic wear, lighting up the place in the spirit of Onam and creating a visually appealing and culturally rich environment.

The air filled with the mesmerizing scent of jasmine flowers and the beautifully crafted “athapoo” added to the vibrancy of the Onam ambiance in the office. But the highlight of our celebration was the spectacular and frenetic “chenda melam”, to which the group danced away in its swaying rhythm. Immersed in the vibrant spirit of Onam, our team rejoiced in splendid celebrations, savoring a delectable feast and capturing timeless moments of joy and unity.

Our celebrations became even more exciting with the remarkable performance of Tiruvathira and other entertaining events. As we wrapped up the Onam celebrations, it became a day marked in our hearts forever, brimming with shared laughter and good wishes, further strengthening the bond of our team.


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