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Christmas Celebration
at PromptTech

Sparkling moments of goodwill and joy.

Christmas is the most cherished occasion in the hearts of many, as the essence of the season brings joy and peace worldwide. At PromptTech, Christmas celebrations were conducted at our Global Delivery Hub and the Middle East Office.The employees came adorned in red and white attire, reflecting the spirit of Christmas. The team decorated the offices with beautiful Christmas trees, Nativity Sets, fairy lights, and sparkling Christmas ornaments. The employees later enjoyed scrumptious Christmas treats – creamy cakes, sweets, and luscious wine.

The celebration began with the surprising thrills of exchanging gifts for our secret Christmas friend. The team exchanged gifts with much delight, and laughter bloomed in every corner of the office.The winner of the Christmas decoration game, conducted as part of the Christmas week, was announced later. As the day approached dusk and the sun drew closer to setting, there was one more awaited event – the Christmas games. The team enthusiastically played the dare games, which also included a thrilling treasure hunt.

As the games reached the end, everyone was on cloud nine, and the merriment of Christmas celebrations filled the hearts of our team members with unforgettable memories.


Microsoft has rolled out the
Copilot Application

Maximizing productivity for users.

Microsoft has rolled out the Copilot app, available now on Google Play Store for Android users. This app offers various features, functioning as a chatbot to generate text for documents and emails. Additionally, it includes image generation capabilities through DALL-E 3 and provides free access to the latest version of OpenAI’s GPT-4 model.

Users can download the Copilot app from the Google Play Store, expanding its availability beyond the previous Bing mobile app exclusivity. Android users can now enjoy the benefits of a versatile AI-powered assistant through this new application, which aims to enhance productivity by simplifying access to AI capabilities. The Copilot app seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Edge, SwiftKey, and other compatible applications.


5 exciting WhatsApp
features of 2023

WhatsApp Channel,  Locked chats, HD photos and more!

As 2023 marks an end, we step into the exhilarating new possibilities that the tech world will offer us in 2024. We witnessed numerous thrilling features in 2023  by tech giants such as the Meta-owned WhatsApp. In this article, let’s browse the five cool features WhatsApp has launched in 2023.

Locked Chats: WhatsApp introduced locked chats to provide users with enhanced privacy. This feature allows users to move desired chats into a locked folder, accessible only through a set passcode.

WhatsApp Channel: A significant change in 2023 was the introduction of WhatsApp Channels, quickly gaining popularity. Channels enable users to access content on diverse topics through public broadcast channels.

UI Redesign: WhatsApp revamped its chat interface with a bottom navigation bar. It is aimed at ensuring an easier one-handed use. The redesign also standardized Android navigation to be more similar to iOS, streamlining the user experience across various devices. 

HD Photos and Videos: Users can now send HD photos and videos via WhatsApp. Videos and photos can be shared without quality reduction by tapping on the HD icon while attaching media. 

Share Screen: With the latest update, users can share their screens during video calls on WhatsApp. This feature enhances collaboration and facilitates connecting more effectively. To share your screen, simply tap on the screen-sharing icon during a video call.

These innovative features introduced by WhatsApp in 2023 showcase the platform’s commitment to improving user experience, privacy, and functionality. As we move forward into 2024, we can anticipate even more groundbreaking features from tech leaders in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.


Christmas Vibes At PromptTech