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Flying the National Flag High

India Celebrates its 74th Republic Day

This year India celebrated its 74th Republic Day. India adopted the Constitution on 26th January 1950. The day is celebrated by Indians all across the world. The official national celebration is conducted at Raj Bhavan, New Delhi every year. Events such as magnificent parades by the Indian military, paramilitary, and police forces, beautiful tableaus showcasing the uniqueness of all states, and display of India’s latest missiles, aircrafts, and weapon systems are all part of the grand celebration.

Employees at PromptTech had a knowledge-filled Republic Day celebration at the office. The celebration started with the National Anthem followed by a quiz program that was a true test of our employees’ awareness about their nation and its current affairs. The day came to an end with the distribution of sweets.

Fun Friday at PromptTech

Let the fun begin

The most awaited day at PromptTech is the Fun day organised on the 2nd Friday of each month. Fun Fridays offer employees an escape room from their otherwise hectic work schedules. It also promotes bonding among employees and helps them understand each other outside the work environment. This week we took Fun Friday activity to the next level. As this was our first Fun Friday for 2023 we decided to re-energise our employees this New Year. For starters employees had to save the balloon tied onto their foot while attacking the co-participants balloon. The game turned out to be highly engaging and hilarious.  The entire team had a good laugh and enjoyed the game thoroughly. With multiple other balloon associated games the evening was filled with laughter and happy tears.

Employee Corner

This edition we bring to you a special poem written by our talented and creative employee Arathy S. Lal

My Lost World

The moment I realised I am gonna become mother
I was overwhelmed with joy, which words can’t explain
I started my journey with all ecstasy
I popped up myself to a fairy land of motherhood
Dreamt of pampering my kid, playing with my little one & whatnot
But to my dismay I lost my child……
My body & soul was yelling with pain
The agony I gone through was nothing it could be
I was drained, completely drained off with everything
My mind was flickering through a trauma
I felt like drowning myself to another world
Where everyone surrounding me was novel to me
I wept hardly, squealed to all in vain
I wept hardly, squealed to all in vain
The roller coaster of emotions kicks me to reality
Yes ,God has taken back my precious gift
My darling wants her supermom to be happy
So I arose like a phoenix bird,
Where my child is no more…..
Memories down the lane I will always engrave you my dear.

Arathy S. Lal


Fun Friday Moments At PromptTech

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