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Setting the Bar High for Excellence

Our RetailTech team clinches the title as PromptTech’s Most-Performing Revenue Division.

Our RetailTech team in India and the Middle East has claimed the title of the most-performing revenue division at PromptTech. Their dedication and hard work have inspired us all to bring forward our A-game. The best-performing award was given for June, and the RetailTech team has set an example of excellence and unwavering persistence in their work.

The satisfaction that comes with a job well done is priceless, and the genuine appreciation for it adds to the overall delight. As a token of appreciation, the team was treated to a delicious dinner at the company. Our Executive  Director, CTO, and General Manager wholeheartedly expressed their gratitude to the RetailTech team. The team has gone above and beyond, seizing opportunities to excel in everything they do and delivering excellent results.

With their exceptional performance, the RetailTech team has shown that hard work and dedication lead to outstanding achievements. We are thrilled with their accomplishments and look forward to more triumphs in the future

Automatic Line Number Feature on Google Documents

Making Referencing and Collaboration Easier

Google has rolled out a new automatic line number feature for Google Docs, along with other content organization improvement features and control enhancements for formatting. This new feature automatically generates line numbers for each line of your document.
It aims to enhance the referencing and collaboration experience for users, especially when working with detailed and lengthy content, facilitating collaborative editing and enabling users to identify content positions easily.
The Automatic Line Number feature offers flexibility for users to set it for the entire document, a particular section, or a specific page according to their requirements. To add line numbers to your Google document after writing the content, follow these steps: Go to the Tools menu > select Line Numbers > click ‘Show Line Numbers.’ By customizing the line number settings, you can choose where you want the line numbers to appear in your document.
The feature has no administrative control and is readily available to all personal Google accounts and Google Workspace customers.

New Video Message Feature on WhatsApp

You can now send instant video messages directly in the chat.

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature for recording and sending videos instantly. To access this feature, long-press on the microphone icon on the bottom right of the screen until it switches to video recording mode. With this new feature, you can easily capture the true emotions of moments in videos and share them with friends and family.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the new feature helps users send videos as easily as sending quick voice messages. The video messages can be up to 60 seconds long and are sent in circular forms in chats to distinguish them from regular messages. Additionally, you can swipe up and lock to shoot hands-free videos.

The videos shared using this new feature will play in mute initially until the receiver taps it to hear the sound. Moreover, the video messages are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring security and privacy. Currently, the feature is rolling out and will be available for users in the coming weeks.


PromptTech’s Most Performing Revenue Division for June 2023