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The May 2023 feature drop for Windows 11 is official

The automatic rollout of the update will commence on June 13.

Microsoft has announced its second feature update of 2023 for Windows 11. It is now available to manually install starting on May 24 through the Windows update. The rollout will be automatic from June 13 and is a part of Microsoft’s patch Tuesday update. The new feature update includes a better widget board, taskbar updates and a Win32 application isolation feature.

The widget board update includes a new layout. It separates widgets from the MSN feed. There is also a widget picker experience that helps to add widgets to the widget board seamlessly. Users can run legacy programs that are downloaded from the web in a safe contained environment with the new Win32 app isolation feature. It ensures that other parts of the system are not affected. Taskbar updates include animated weather icons, a new icon in the system bay when a VPN is active and more.

You can download the new update manually by following these steps: go to Windows Update> Advanced Options> Optional Update> and download 2023-05 Cumulative Update Preview.

A Tribute to our Supermoms

Honouring the spirit of Motherhood

Mother’s Day is celebrated to express gratitude and admiration for the incredible role mothers play in our lives. Their love and strength are reflected upon their children and the world around them, paving the way for a better future and a better world rooted in values such as nurturing, progression and compassion. 

On this Mother’s Day, PromptTech celebrated the unwavering persistence and benevolence of the spirit of motherhood. As a tribute to the super moms at PromptTech, the designers created a stunning visual college of the mothers and their beloved children.

PromptTech strives to be an employee-centric workplace fostering an empowering and encouraging environment for mothers to pursue their career goals. 

Here are some of the heartfelt remarks of working mothers at PromptTech 
PromptTech provides an empowering opportunity to restart and continue our professional career- SEO Executive.
I find the flexibility in working hours at PromptTech very helpful- Dot Net Developer.”
On this special day, I would like to thank my company for giving us mothers equal opportunity here, and it is a great place to work- WordPress Developer.
Here is a sneak peek of what the mothers of our team have to say – Click here

Weekend Bliss Beckons as PromptTech Wraps Up an Epic Fun Friday Celebration.

A Day of Laughter, Competition, and Team Building.

Every ambitious and hustling employee needs a break to dwell in fun and let go of all worries, and thus the most awaited Fun Friday kicked off at PromptTech. For a moment, the relentless pursuit of goals and the weight of responsibilities took a backseat as everyone embraced the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of amusement. This time the games had a tinge of variety and added to the overall excitement.

As we know, communication is 55% nonverbal, and the first round was a communication game in the non-verbal style. The three teams were given a set of amusing actions to pass down and imitate accurately amongst the team members. The game was not only thrilling but filled the air with laughter. The next game was a ‘flip the bottle and build a pyramid’ challenge which sparked the spirit of competition and enthusiasm for the players. 

As the sun gradually began its descent, casting a golden hue through the office windows, the delightful games reached their conclusion, leaving a lingering sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

Product Feature Update

PromptTech’s Twigs Retail POS upcoming features.

  • IMEI Module
  • Delivery note
  • Goods Received Note (GRN)

PromptTech FC's Thrilling Journey in Raviz Prathidhwani 7s Tournament.

A Tale of Resilience.

PromptTech FC showcased their football prowess in the highly anticipated Raviz Prathidhwani 7s Tournament. With a display of exceptional skills and team coordination, they emerged as strong contenders. The players’ determination and passion for the game were evident, leaving spectators in awe. A remarkable performance indeed!

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