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Celebrating the Culture and
Heritage of Kerala

Kerala Piravi celebrations at PrompTech.

Each year on November 1, the state of Kerala celebrates its formation day commonly known as Kerala day or Kerala Piravi. It was on November 1st, 1956 that the princely states of Travancore, Cochin, Malabar, and Canara were combined together and recognised as one state, Kerala. Since then, the people of Kerala celebrate the birth of their state with great pomp.

At PromptTech, employees celebrated Kerala Piravi in the traditional way, dressed up in the classic Kerala attire. The day unwinded a lot of fun activities including the selection of best dressed male and female employees – Kerala Sriman and Malayali Manga. A day to remember and cherish the land we call home, thus came to an end with a round of quiz on Kerala for the inquisitive minds.

Twitter blue Relaunch
Stalled indefinitely

Elon Musk puts hold on the relaunch

The CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk had announced to launch a blue verification subscription service by the end of November this year. The verification subscription aimed at monetising the verification badge that was earlier available only to organisations, journalists and other public figures. But, with the subscription policy the blue verification badge would be made available to anybody with the paid subscription.

However, Elon Musk recently made an official announcement on twitter that he has put the Twitter Blue Verified relaunch on hold until they are able to curb the issue of impersonation. Since the announcement of the new blue verified badge there has been a rise in accounts impersonating organisations making it difficult for genuine users to make use of the platform. The company wants to be certain that the measures to stop parody accounts are in place before relaunching the service.

The Amazing Race
At PromptTech

Fun Friday activity to boost employee morale.

The Fun Friday activities are a monthly fun event organised for the employees to relax and unwind. This month, employees were faced with fun challenges that they had to complete within a stipulated time frame. The game was called ‘The Amazing Race’. The employees were split into three groups and further divided into small batches to fulfil each challenge. The challenges ranged from threading the needle to balloon cup race to finally, the cup stacking challenge.

The activities proved to be a great source of refreshment for the employees and also helped them boost their overall morale. A fun day at work helped us touch upon crucial factors such as team building, decision making and time-management. The day concluded with lots of cheers and laughter awaiting for the next Fun Friday activity to commence.

Product Update

Latest update in F&B POS Software.

Football Trivia!


Fun Friday Moments At PromptTech

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