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PromptTech is featured in
Forbes India!

We are delighted to share that PromptTech has been featured in Forbes India as part of the Most Innovative Brand and Leader 2023 series. Dive into the featured article and discover how PromptTech Global is pioneering innovation and empowering SMEs for a tech-driven future.

PromptTech shines
at Slush 2023

Showcasing our Gen AI-enabled Retail ERP

PromptTech successfully participated in Slush 2023, the leading startup event held in Helsinki, Finland. It was a thrilling opportunity, and we took part in the event as a Startup India delegate. Following the successful unveiling of our innovative solution, Gen AI-enabled retail ERP, at GITEX 2023, we were delighted to showcase the solution at Slush as well.

Slush provided a perfect platform for us to meet and engage with many potential mentors, industrial experts, and partners. The invaluable networking opportunities at Slush 2023 allowed us to forge meaningful connections with prominent individuals who expressed keen interest in our innovative solution, Gen AI-enabled retail ERP. It has transformed our presence on the global stage, enabling us to leave an indelible mark among different business enthusiasts and tech leaders.

Celebrating Kerala Piravi
at PromptTech

A Day of Traditional Vibrancy

Kerala Day, commonly referred to as Kerala Piravi, is celebrated annually on the first of November, marking the birth of Kerala, which was formed on November 1, 1956. Before 1956, the state was divided into four different regions: South Canara, Malabar, Travancore, and Cochin. Several movements and political factors contributed to the unification of these regions under one glorious state, Kerala. Among these, the Aikya Kerala Movement is notable, as it empowered the organization of the state on a linguistic basis.

Popularly known as “God’s own country,” the evergreen culture and beauty of Kerala hold a special place in the hearts of its citizens. Kerala Piravi is celebrated with enthusiasm and appreciation throughout the state. Honoring the spirit of Kerala Piravi, at PromptTech, employees came decked up in traditional attire. Our office brimmed with bright smiles and hearty exchanges of conversations, further unifying the bond among colleagues. The essence of unity symbolizing Kerala Piravi is reflected in the workplace as well, making the day a memorable one.

An Amusing Fun Friday
at PromptTech

Uplifting the team spirit with cheerfulness

The tapping of keyboards and the restless wavering of legs resonated with considerable intensity that evening as everyone eagerly looked forward to the clock striking 5:30. It was the much-awaited Fun Friday! Our team was excited about the games that awaited them. Finally, the anticipation was over, and Fun Friday commenced at 5:30 in the evening, as announced earlier.

There were two thrilling games that were met with laughter, fun, and a competitive spirit. Apart from the obvious enjoyment and stress relief, the games had the potential to strengthen the communication, observation, and listening skills of the players.

The first game consisted of three rounds, where each team had to guess the movie name simply through the nonverbal actions of their teammates. The next game had two rounds and included each member of the team closely observing and imitating an action from the person next to them, starting and passing by a chosen individual of their team.

Time flew that day as the games came to an end, and everyone was immersed in much enthusiasm and excitement. The games brought our team closer, strengthening their bonds and forging delightful memories in the workplace.

Celebrating UAE National Day at
PromptTech, Middle East

A day of union, joy, and appreciation

UAE National Day marks the union of seven emirates in 1971, which led to the formation of the United Arab Emirates. The seven emirates came together to form a single, independent, and sovereign nation on this day. UAE National Day is a significant patriotic occasion celebrated with various events, activities, and festivals across the country.

At PromptTech, our Middle East team has embraced this opportunity to celebrate and honor the spirit of UAE National Day. The UAE’s abundance of opportunities and cultural vibrancy have consistently supported our growth. Our Middle East office radiated with the colors of the UAE flag—red, green, white, and black, extending our appreciation for this glorious Nation. The team spent the day in joyous celebrations and later indulged in a delightful, multilayered cake.

Product Update

PromptTech Lite Latest updates 

Coming Soon!

We are delighted to announce that PromptTech has officially obtained the Insurance Aggregator License from the Central Bank of the UAE. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we offer the best insurance policies tailored to businesses cost-effectively.

Stay tuned for PromptTech Tally Integrated Van Sale Web Solution. It is featured-packed with exciting options such as geolocation, web solutions and access through offline and online modes.

PromptTech one is a sophisticated & highly customizable ERP platform with a wide range of business modules.

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