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Delightful Company Trip Moments

Wanderlust Unleashed for Team PromptTech India

Team PromptTech India soared to new heights of camaraderie and adventure during our recent trip to the picturesque hills of Munnar. Music, songs, and dance took center stage as the wheels rolled on our way to the destination. After a brief rest, the cold breeze of the Vattavada hills caressed our senses, and the captivating hills with their majestic beauty woke everyone. The lush landscapes of these hills greeted us with a refreshing embrace, instantly melting away the stresses of everyday life.

The resort had a wonderful ambiance surrounded by captivating sceneries. Ventures into the heart of Munnar included an adventurous hike and visits to enchanting strawberry farms and chocolate factories. Surrounded by rolling hills and serenaded by melodious brooks, it felt as though the clouds themselves had descended to meet us, offering cool, rejuvenating breezes.

The beautiful day was wrapped up with a blazing campfire under the starlit sky. Accompanied by soulful music and deep conversations, it was a fitting end to a day filled with wonder and exploration. As the trip came to an end, we relished each moment and reminisced on the beautiful memories forged. Our hearts full and spirits soaring, we returned home, feeling as though we were on cloud nine.

PromptTech Insurance Updates

Our innovative approach has been featured in the Gulf News

Recently, PromptTech launched, an innovative insurance aggregator platform designed to streamline the insurance process for businesses and insurance enterprises by leveraging technology. This exceptional aggregation platform has come to life by uniting Omega’s extensive insurance experience with PromptTech’s technological expertise. The platform was launched to offer an insurance comparison platform for businesses, particularly SMEs in the UAE, enabling them to easily compare and find the best insurance solutions.

Moreover, PromptTechInsurance empowers insurance enterprises worldwide to seamlessly distribute their insurance products, leveraging an advanced tech-integrated platform. The initiative has been triumphant, and the future looks promising with abundant possibilities.

An article about this groundbreaking move has been published in Gulf News. You can read the full article here.

Valentine's Day at PromptTech

Our team shares heart-warming messages

Valentine’s Day celebrated on February 14th, stands as a testament to expressing our hearts and embracing the spirit of love. People celebrate this day in various ways, with some making it a grand celebration and others express heartfelt gestures in their own personal manner. Nevertheless, the spirit of Valentine’s Day holds immense power, symbolizing the connection to the world and the honoring of love.

At PromptTech, the essence of Valentine’s Day dwelled in the air. We celebrated this special day by providing everyone with an opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts about love in written notes. Our team poured their hearts out, reflecting on what love meant to them and sharing messages from their perspectives on love. The best writings were carefully chosen and acknowledged by offering gift baskets.

Wordsmiths of Our Team

Here are the top choices- love messages shared by our team on Valentine’s Day !!!

Here is a glimpse into the exhilarating moments of our company trip.

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