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Here Is A Quick Overview

PromptTech has successfully launched It is an insurance aggregator platform specifically designed for businesses to find the most favorable insurance coverage at the best price by comparing services from different providers. The platform aims to simplify the insurance procurement process for businesses by leveraging technology. PromptTech has a team of adept professionals in the insurance sector with over 20 years of experience. PromptTech has made a strong mark in the retail sector by revolutionizing SMEs with top-notch business solutions. With the launch of, businesses can now find all the essential support required to grow their business in a single destination. The wide range of insurance options available in the market can be overwhelming. Businesses often struggle to find the perfect insurance for their business and find the process tedious. With, the complexities of business insurance are simplified, and businesses can find the most suitable insurance for their business hassle-free.

Google has retired the cached web feature

The decision to call off was a result of improved page speed

Google has called off the cached web feature, as it has become redundant. This feature enabled users to view a stored page on Google when the loading speed was not adequate. The tech giant has made several improvements over the years, which have massively amplified the loading speed.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s search liaison, mentioned on X that the Cached web feature was meant to help people access pages previously when users couldn’t depend on page loading and since it has improved these days, they have decided to retire it.

The cached web feature enabled users to view a version of a page as last visited and indexed by Google. It was used as an alternative when page loading was an issue. SEO professionals and others also use it to track content changes and fix potential issues on their websites. Previously, clicking on the three-dot button adjacent to any search results and choosing ‘about this result’ allowed users to see a version of the webpage stored by Google. As the speed of webpage loading is no longer an issue, Google has decided to call off this feature.

In separate news for Google, its AI chatbot Bard is now available across 230 countries and territories and supports over 40 languages.

WhatsApp users may get a new Monthly automatic account report

It Can Enhance Convenience And Tracking For Users

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that will automatically generate reports for Android users, covering both accounts and channels. Once enabled, it will automatically produce a monthly report for users, providing comprehensive data about the account and channel activity. This automated feature ensures convenience for users by timely delivering information without any manual initiation. It adds to saving time and effort, allowing users to easily track changes by comparing the monthly reports. It looks promising to enhance the user experience by offering a seamless and efficient way to stay informed about their account and channel activities on WhatsApp.

Product Update !

PromptTech Venta Wheels has been launched!

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